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Posted By: Talão My first composition after 6 months of piano - 01/12/20 05:58 PM
Hi everyone. I started studying/playing piano 6 months ago and one day a little melody came to me while playing around on the piano. I decided to sit down and get 16 measures out of the main idea. After a few days of work, I got this:


I'm currently working on adding the left-hand harmony to it, but would love to hear any feedback you may have (good or bad) about the melody part. Thank you!
I like it! Particularly the first eight measures. You've followed the best yardstick for a solid melody ... the four measure one. Four measures or multiples form the basis for so much of our music.

For me the "aha" moment came when I simply followed the basic "sonata form" ... the ABA. Then I knew all I needed was that seed melody which could be developed and expanded into the related keys.

My personal clue to whether I have a keeper or not is if I get that "ear worm". If I hear my latest melody reverberating in my ears as I shop for groceries or try to take a nap, then I know I've got it. grin

My only other suggestion ... given very cautiously ... is that the key signature is one of the more difficult to read and to play. I notice this because most of my early work was written for students. But I also know composers have definite preferences. Synesthesia makes me feel that F minor is purple, so I respond most strongly to that key.

BTW ... pretty darned impressive after only 6 months lessons. Wish I had more students like you!
Hi, Talão, this is a very nice pentatonic, Chinese-like tune you wrote. Are you Chinese by origin?
Thank you both TheHappyPianoMuse and Pianist685 for your comments and feedback. I really appreciate it. I don't know what a pentatonic is :-), but I'll look it up.

I chose this key signature because I wanted to write a melody that used only black keys (for fun). The harmony that's coming along will use some white keys, it seems.

As for the Chinese-like style, it wasn't on purpose. I just started putting together the sounds that felt right to me at the time the inspiration was hitting. After I played the whole thing back to myself on MuseScore was when I realized this "Asian" sound was there. I'm guessing perhaps this is a property of the F# major key?
BTW, TheHappyPianoMuse: I visited your website and listened to Laika. I like it very much! I'm adding it to my "to learn" list. It's probably out of my reach (skill-wise) at the moment, but I'm setting it as a goal.
So pleased you liked "Laika" ... each of the pieces has a little warning label as to the level of difficulty. I admit to being a little lax about these labels as the works have been getting increasingly more difficult. The latest one even required me to practice a bit before putting it on YouTube. They're getting harder to play than to compose ... grin
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