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Three Albums of Classical-Style Music

Posted By: Jordan Smith

Three Albums of Classical-Style Music - 04/20/19 12:01 AM


I'd like to invite you to come hear the best of my music. Most of these pieces were composed over the last couple of years (I've been at it since 2004). They're unedited performances made on a Roland FP-90 or Kawai CA-65, with the sound rendered by Pianoteq 6. I'd be delighted to receive any comments, criticisms, or advice about anything you wish--my composing, playing, or website/business. Also, if you have a favorite piece among the multitude, you're welcome to post a link to it, which you can get by clicking the share icon on the track.

Happy Listening!

-Jordan Smith
Posted By: Steve Chandler

Re: Three Albums of Classical-Style Music - 04/22/19 09:28 PM

Hi Jordan,

Welcome to PianoWorld. I've listened to Goodbye, Step Lively and currently Arctic Expedition is playing. Your music is pleasant. Arctic Expedition has now ventured into some interesting harmonies, but then reverts back to what I assume is your expedition theme which is less interesting on second hearing.

As a composer myself I know what I like. Your music shows skill in both construction and performance, but what I've heard so far could have been composed in 1850. This brings up the whole debate about how adventurous one should get harmonically. In my own compositions I strive to write interesting yet accessible harmonies. My point is if your desire is to be accepted as a composer by the composing community then sounding like 1850 isn't the way to do it. OTOH, if you want to sell downloaded albums to family and friends then you may be on the right track.

You've got obvious musical skills and your music is pleasant. I just wish there was a bit more (okay, a lot more) spice in your diet. FWIW, when Norse Legend started I stopped the player.
Posted By: Jordan Smith

Re: Three Albums of Classical-Style Music - 05/01/19 11:18 PM

Hi Steve,

PianoWorld has been an invaluable resource over the years for learning about digital pianos, and I hope to frequent it more now as a composer and not just a keyboard shopper.

Thank you for your critical comments. It's nice to get praise, but it's also nice to get a reality check on some of the details of music composition. I'm interested in trying to vary my melodies more, to have fewer verbatim repetitions; if I've heard something once, it probably needs to be changed somewhat to me as interesting or more interesting the second time through. Also, thank you for placing me at 1850 harmonically--that's encouraging, since 19th century music is my favorite. Maybe someday I'll get to 1890.

I'd be delighted if anyone here enjoys my music, composer or not. I strive only to evoke emotion.

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