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machine composed Bach chorale

Posted By: Goss

machine composed Bach chorale - 12/23/16 04:28 PM


thought this might be of interest to some here ^^
Posted By: Eric399

Re: machine composed Bach chorale - 12/23/16 06:32 PM

Very interesting! Though there are at least 5 mistakes in the first 2 bars...
Posted By: TheHappyPianoMuse

Re: machine composed Bach chorale - 12/23/16 09:29 PM

Since I'm a tech geek I do find it interesting. But one must remember that every composer has his high and low points ... the greater the master, of course the more acceptable his less inspired works. I think perhaps some of this "might pass" as background Bach on a movie track. ... but surely can never compete with simplest of Bach's work. I'm thinking now of the Inventions ( which astound me since each one is so very good ). That spark" of inspiration cannot be duplicated ( so far ) with electronics. Think of what Beethoven did with only four chords opening his Ninth Symphony ... repeated again and again to produce one of the greatest masterpieces ever. No computer will ever be able to do that.

But it IS fascinating. laugh
Posted By: RubberFingers

Re: machine composed Bach chorale - 12/25/16 12:29 PM

It looks like they didn't program in the academic rules. So the AI routines didn't notice that stuff when learning. It starts off avoiding contrary motion between bass and soprano, for example.
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