Ballad for Jane -

Posted by: Firefinch

Ballad for Jane - - 01/07/14 04:57 AM

Here is a little Ballad that i composed.
If you want the dots - let me kmow.

What do u think?
Listen Here.
Posted by: Dwscamel

Re: Ballad for Jane - - 01/07/14 08:31 PM

I heard it in the rhythm thread you posted. Great, lovely tune! Easy to listen to and I'm sure lots of us would like to play it.
Posted by: Cudo

Re: Ballad for Jane - - 01/08/14 03:38 PM

Wrong Link!!!!

I hear:
Macklemore X Ryan Lewis - Can't Hold Us Feat. Ray Dalton

This is NOT a ballad!
Posted by: Firefinch

Re: Ballad for Jane - - 01/09/14 04:04 AM

The link sends some people to the wrong place - weird.
Anyway here is a video of me playing it -
And here is the soundcloud link - HERE

Posted by: Firefinch

Re: Ballad for Jane - - 01/12/14 06:42 AM

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