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My composition-improvisation [Gian Marchisio - "Beneath"]

Posted By: mjkpiano

My composition-improvisation [Gian Marchisio - "Beneath"] - 04/23/13 08:49 PM

Are there music producers here ? I'm looking for opportunities to give prominence to my compositions...

Posted By: mjkpiano

Re: My composition-improvisation [Gian Marchisio - "Beneath"] - 04/23/13 09:16 PM

I wait for your opinions, impressions, musical moods etc. Thanks smile
Posted By: rada

Re: My composition-improvisation [Gian Marchisio - "Beneath"] - 04/24/13 04:30 PM

I did not listen through all of your music but I hear some relaxing melody lines. Your left hand uses a 1-5-9-10 pattern a lot and while I like that I like to hear other patterns too.

Posted By: Charles Peck

Re: My composition-improvisation [Gian Marchisio - "Beneath"] - 04/24/13 06:41 PM

I took a listen and hopefully I can offer some constructive criticism.

The beginning in particular seems quite repetitive. You are often repeating the same progression with slight variations in the melody for some time. Are you intending this to be background or improvised music? You have some good contrast in the melody, but the lack of harmonic direction really slows down the momentum of the music. I might consider analyzing ways to vary the harmony or consider cutting out major chunks of the repetitive sections. Right now it sounds a bit like you are improvising over several repeating chord changes.

The section about 7 or 8 minutes in adds some nice contrast. Definitely more harmonic motion, though the heavy jazz/sometimes ragtime-ish style seems a bit out of place with the character of rest of the piece so far. Can you explain your intention behind this change?

Hope this helps.
Posted By: Schubertslieder

Re: My composition-improvisation [Gian Marchisio - "Beneath"] - 04/24/13 07:04 PM

Hello and welcome.

I also listened to the entire piece and thought that this piece was theme and variation. The main theme was introduced with several variations following the theme. Improvisatory did occur in my mind, so I don't want to rule that out.

I would like to say there were some interesting harmonic progression going on throughout the piece.
Posted By: mjkpiano

Re: My composition-improvisation [Gian Marchisio - "Beneath"] - 04/24/13 09:12 PM

Thanks for all the opinions and observations smile Here in Italy the general cultural background is becoming very confused and the economic crisi is very hard. For young people under 35 the future is quite dark and there are no investments in culture frown Many young artists are trying to leave Italy because our nation and our governemnts don't guarantee a decent life. For these reasons I'm trying to spread my compositions in USA or Australia, because Italy doesn't appreciate nothing. Can you help me ? Are there music producers that could help me ? Thanks
Posted By: Charles Peck

Re: My composition-improvisation [Gian Marchisio - "Beneath"] - 04/24/13 09:42 PM

I think you are probably looking in the wrong place for a music producer, if that is what you want at all. This site as far as I can tell is mostly occupied by performers, some amateur, others professional. If you would like to get performances, then this is probably a good place to start. That would certainly be a way to grow your reputation.

But in classical music, there isn't much in the way of finding a producer who will make you famous, at least not that I am aware of. If you would like to work in the USA or Australia, I would recommend tracking down players to perform your music and finding some folks who will commission new work from you in those countries. Over several years, assuming you have the passion and skill, your reputation will grow and could turn composing into a successful career.
Posted By: Schubertslieder

Re: My composition-improvisation [Gian Marchisio - "Beneath"] - 04/25/13 01:06 AM

We are all here to help and having said that, I read something interesting in the Pianist Forum.
There is a thread about a Kickstarter Project. I do not have a personal knowledge about this program, only from what I read in the thread posted in the Pianist Forum. My understanding of this Kickstarter Project is for starving artists and people who are willing to help them.

If you start a thread requesting more information about this program, you may get more help in Pianist Forum.

Hope this helps. Best
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