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My new song

Posted By: 1wiki1

My new song - 01/27/13 07:47 PM

hello guys, smile
I´ve decided to post my new piano song on youtube, I would like to hear your opinion. Im just a beginner in composing. There are some little mistakes, so do not care about them :P . Thank you & I hope you will like it smile


Don´t be afraid to comment, I would love to see your opinions smile
Thank you!
Posted By: rada

Re: My new song - 01/31/13 04:41 PM

Hi 1wiki1,
Well my first impression was that it did sound very dark so it certainly seems like the title fit. I would categorize it into the 'new-age' because of your repetitive left hand. I didn't feel like it had any development and it sounded a little like you were unsure around 1:30.....but I listened to the whole thing and I was interested. I noticed you had a lot of hits but no comments.

Posted By: GregSTB

Re: My new song - 01/31/13 05:15 PM

I like your idea very much. I don't care about the mistakes too. That'll fix itself overtime haha.

What i really wanted as a listener is the build up to be more subtle, u know? It went by me so fast. I wanted to enjoy it more. Perhaps a cool idea is to extend the beginning as that is a really nice sound that made me not click X in the upper right corner :-D You had my attention so that's a job well done haha. Make the build up more "epic?" I don't know how to explain myself right now. A little more variety in contrast leading up to the climax would definitely bring your composition justice i feel.

Keep on writing.
Posted By: Sandra M

Re: My new song - 02/01/13 03:54 AM

Your new song. The song sounds suitable for a movie, the background to a dark storm type night. I enjoyed all the composition until you went in to the contrast, bridge, usually 8 bars twice then the bridge of 8 bars then ending with 8 bars as the first two 8 bars. Usually 32 bars total. The bridge being the different of the 4 parts. There are no set rules but it was too out of balance for my taste. I loved the 3 parts the same but think about a different bridge you like yourself. It did not sound grounded with enough substance for my taste. I felt a let down there and then when you returned I felt fine again. More drama would be good for your contast and then return to the same for your ending. Someone stated New Age sounding and I agree with them. I hear talent. Sandra M
Posted By: Schubertslieder

Re: My new song - 02/03/13 03:46 AM

I will be interested to know if chord progressin was not much of a concern in this New Age piece. It is highly repetitive, particularly on the accompaniment. The melody did portray the darkness for me.
Posted By: 1wiki1

Re: My new song - 03/09/13 08:14 PM

smile Thank you for all your comments!!
Im just a beginner, I composed some songs before, but I couldn´t play piano very well at that time haha. I really appreciate all your comments and advises! I will try to make even better music. Thank you!
Posted By: alexpol

Re: My new song - 04/06/13 12:37 PM

Very very thanks.I did really enjoy this.I want to appreciate this.
Posted By: Cmin

Re: My new song - 04/07/13 08:09 PM

Wow. It did remind me of a dark road to somewhere... Nice. Don't give up.
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