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Pentatonic scale: the five black keys

Posted By: Sand Tiger

Pentatonic scale: the five black keys - 01/20/13 07:17 PM

I spent some time playing on the black keys only. The five black keys form an easy to remember Pentatonic scale. Five note scales are popular in Asia and also in Native American music.

Some say it gives the music a primal, primitive, wild flavor. There was a lengthy thread on writing easy music. As an exercise, some might try writing and playing on the five black keys only, one or two fingers at a time on each hand. With only five notes, limited to one or two at a time on each clef, it will be of necessity be a relatively simple composition. Rhythm tends to play a large role in primitive music, so think on that and have fun.

I have been enjoying my recent time on the five black keys. Maybe some of you reading will have a similar experience.
Posted By: GregSTB

Re: Pentatonic scale: the five black keys - 01/21/13 03:34 PM

Nice. Thnx. Going to play around with this.
Posted By: jawhitti

Re: Pentatonic scale: the five black keys - 01/21/13 06:17 PM

Time on the Pentatonic is definitely not wasted if you ever want to play rock. Elton, the Allman brothers and pretty much any piano rock uses the Pentatonic scale a lot. It's on display in the rising arpeggios of Elton's "Amorena" and the epic solo in the Allman Brothers "Jessica" and probably a whole lot more. Anything "Happy Bluesy" sounding probably is using it, and pretty much any "epic fast guitar solar" is likely using it in abundance. Definitely worth learning in all keys.
Posted By: Sand Tiger

Re: Pentatonic scale: the five black keys - 01/22/13 07:00 PM

I recorded my live performance of Black Hills at Songmakers (a Southern California music group). It has a jazzy feel to it.


Instrument is an old Roland keyboard. My friend Vic brushing the drums.
Posted By: jafop111

Re: Pentatonic scale: the five black keys - 02/28/13 06:44 PM

You may try again and again on the Pentatonic scale that's way you remember all the keys which you don not remember at that time.I also play with the Pentatonic scale same issue is there i remember the 5 black keys suddenly but not remember other keys.
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