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My first mazurka

Posted By: deb8851

My first mazurka - 01/08/13 05:40 PM

Hello everybody! I've just started hanging around here, and it's been a lot of fun. I thought I'd post one of my pieces. This is my first of several compositions (I don't think the link is working, so you might have to cut and paste):


Feel free to let me know what you think!

Posted By: JoelW

Re: My first mazurka - 01/08/13 08:00 PM

I like it a lot. My only advice would be to maybe add variations in the repeats.

I am not too qualified to talk about the actual score itself so I will let someone else do that if it's needed.. but I CAN say that you should take off those last two empty measures. smile
Posted By: deb8851

Re: My first mazurka - 01/08/13 08:17 PM

Thanks! smile

Darn it, if I take out the empty measures, the software just stre-e-e-etches out that last measure so if looks even sillier.

I should have mentioned above--it's Finale NotePad. I'm pretty happy with it in general, but maybe I'll upgrade one of these days.

What kinds of software do you all like?
Posted By: Nikolas

Re: My first mazurka - 01/08/13 08:30 PM

This is a Finale file, which means that plenty of people (including me right now) cannot open it. I have the full version of finale 2009, 2010 and 2012 in my studio, but I'm at home right now... so it's a no go for me. Try making it into a PDF file. Google for 'pdf converter' or try 'primo pdf' as well...

Now on the remaining bars. Delete them, then chose the remaining bar on the bottom system with the arrow tool and hit the up arrow key. That should move that last bar in the above system and thin it out to fit in.

Cannot comment any further since I can't open the file right now.
Posted By: JoelW

Re: My first mazurka - 01/08/13 08:51 PM

Originally Posted by deb8851

What kinds of software do you all like?

I use musescore because:

1 - I like it.

2 - They have a website where you can host your music and it even does midi playback for all to hear.
Posted By: deb8851

Re: My first mazurka - 01/08/13 09:20 PM

pdf apparently doesn't support it? Hopefully I'm a better composer than a computer geek. smile I'm looking at musescore.
Posted By: deb8851

Re: My first mazurka - 01/08/13 11:47 PM

And (somebody reminded me) here's the free Finale NotePad download if anybody's interested:


Posted By: FSO

Re: My first mazurka - 01/09/13 05:26 PM

Lovely! You shouldn't be half proud of this...three quarters at least! It's very charming and....and..and nice! laugh Um...to shadow what Joel said; maybe add some variation in the repeats, say, um, maybe just a turn before the beginning of the main phrase, a grace note or two? I don't know...don't listen to me and my unrefinedness laugh I'd be throwing arpeggios up in those pauses if it were up to me; what's right to one isn't another and I'm too unqualified to pretend any different laugh Still, um, I *think* the pedal marking in bar 6 is knackered; software is rubbish smile I quite like your piece; I mean, it's just too chirpy for my liking...it *is* exceptionally chirpy, but that's just taste talking...in short, well done! Well...in long, well done! laugh
Posted By: deb8851

Re: My first mazurka - 01/10/13 02:57 PM

Thank you FSO! I've started including at least a little more complexity in my music since then, so I must agree with you. smile And it *is* pretty chirpy. I woke up with the beginning of this piece one morning, and that's me in the morning--overly chirpy (at least, that's what I'm told occasionally lol).

And, yeah, that software and I do have our occasional disagreements.

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