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Posted By: GiulioRiccardi

"Water" - 12/21/12 02:14 PM

Hi everyone, i'm Giulio and this is my first song, "water", so share and please comment! smile

Posted By: rada

Re: "Water" - 12/21/12 04:31 PM

Hello Giulio,

Since this is your first post and I believe you said your first piece I am thinking you'd like some feedback. I thought the beginning definitely had a 'water' sound in the sounds you selected. I liked some of your development. I don't usually enjoy too much repetition. I'm not sure if you hear what I am hearing in your piece. Honestly I didn't listen until the end because I felt I would not hear anything unexpected.I guess I'm wondering if other peoples' opinions will be helpful to you.

Posted By: Rune E

Re: "Water" - 12/21/12 06:42 PM

Very nice Giulio. I like the atmosphere of the piece. My immediate reaction is that it would benefit from being played at the same tempo all the way. (like the first 40 seconds)
Posted By: Steve Chandler

Re: "Water" - 12/21/12 11:13 PM

Hi Guilio,

I think Rune and rada make valid points, the beginning was very promising. It sounds so delicate and really captures the essence of a small quantity of water. For me it seemed less creative as you started shifting harmonies and yet after more than a minute (1:22) of just 2 chords I desperately wanted the harmony to shift, somewhere, anywhere. After about 3:00 you seemed to lose steam and the piece seemed to lose cohesion. You've got some very interesting ideas but I think the most successful would be to take your first minute and do much more to change the harmony, more chromatic, try to surprise the listener but keep the rhythm and feel consistent. It's when you speed things up that you start sounding more formulaic. Overall I like most of it up to 1:45, but I think you'd be better off going back to the beginning at that point because after that it's starts to sound obvious.

Frankly it seems like you wanted to compose your version of the Moldau for solo piano, following the stream as it becomes a river, etc. For that to work your bigger sounding sections need to me much more original. Why not stick with a portrait of the first section, the delicacy of that part was so inviting, do more of that.
Posted By: GiulioRiccardi

Re: "Water" - 12/22/12 08:30 AM

Thank you all for your opinions, feedback and suggestions, these are very important to me!
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