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Steingraeber chosen by Canada's foremost music organization

Posted By: JD Grandt

Steingraeber chosen by Canada's foremost music organization - 10/22/12 12:19 AM

After careful consideration which included Steinway or better, high-end pianos, a brand new Steingraeber & Söhne C-212 was chosen by the Canadian Music Centre (CMC) for the newly renovated concert salon at the Toronto location.

I know everyone loves pictures, so take a look at the fabulous new concert salon here with the new Steingraeber C-212:

The following is an excerpt from their site (http://www.musiccentre.ca/abo.cfm?subsection=mis) which best describes the CMC and it's role in Canada:

"The Canadian Music Centre today has grown to be Canada's only organization mandated to house and actively promote and disseminate the music of Canada's composers within Canada and internationally. With over 700 established Canadian composers to date, CMC makes the music of these composers accessible through an array of programs. At its core, the CMC houses a public lending library and archive totalling over 20,000 music scores and recordings which continue to expand as composers deposit new works."

Over the coming weeks and months, a number of fundraising concerts and events will be held at the Canadian Music Centre in Toronto.
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