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Original song

Posted By: origen

Original song - 10/19/12 02:53 AM

Did this using New York Grand with overtones from NI, the other instruments are just orchestral samples from the Komplete 8 package. Im not a pro but I like to try to write easy but interesting pieces, hope you enjoy!
Hemlock Gardens
Posted By: MarioToroOfficial

Re: Original song - 10/20/12 04:45 AM

Posted By: Foxes

Re: Original song - 10/28/12 03:07 AM

The strings don't sound real and ruined it somewhat.

Kinda slight, kinda forgettable. I liked what happened at 1:00 but 1:15 was awful.

This would have been more memorable had you focused on the piano more.

To be frank, adding backing synthesised strings to a solo piece is cheap, the strings have to be DOING something.
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