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Metempsychosis - for solo Piano

Posted By: Mark Nicol

Metempsychosis - for solo Piano - 09/20/12 08:21 PM

this is the second in the series, "Seven Glimpses of Heaven". Sorry, again, have to direct you to youtube:


For anyone interested I can provide a PDF score.

Thank you, Mark Nicol.
Posted By: Tim Adrianson

Re: Metempsychosis - for solo Piano - 09/21/12 12:46 AM

A very beautiful, uplifting piece, Mark -- although somehow strangely sad (since it's based on the Minor 7th, I suspect that's the reason). I was also intrigued by your first piece, although I confess to having found that one somewhat long-winded. This one was very satisfying! Thanks fo rsharing this!
Posted By: Mark Nicol

Re: Metempsychosis - for solo Piano - 09/24/12 04:37 AM

Thank you for that Tim. Yes, it is written about my mother, and the relationship with her mother, which was very brief, and very, very sad. I used the mental imagery of two chandeliers spinning silently in space, and the melodic fragments are actually derived from the mediaeval chant Salve Regina, so the work is kind of a Madonna piece. It is an elegy to the myth or desire for eternal maternal devotion.

Best wishes,

Mark Nicol.
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