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Hi everyone!
I've never really listened to classical music, though I didn't dislike it either.
After reading a little note in the local newspaper yesterday, I headed off to this small 'baroque concert', where a violin, cello, clavecimbel and a singer (mezzo-soprano) played a few baroque pieces.
How pleasantly surprised I was! So today I've been busy creating a few lines of classical music myself. It is very short, but I'm planning on continuing.
Problem is however that I ran out of ideas. I've already got a few more lines, which are in minor and are way less happy/stable/don't-know-the-right-word.
However, first I'd like to 'continue' with what I've already got here.
The problem is however that my lack of classical 'knowledge' or experience makes that I've got no idea on how to continue. I am specifically not asking for your ideas on a continuation, but maybe you all can help me with something else. If you listen to the lines i made so far, maybe you can tell me what kind of music I should listen to, in order to get some more experience/inspiration.
So for example, if you think it sounds beethovenish (yes, I understand the my few lines are not even worth being mentioned in the same sentence as him, but you get the idea), then please tell me so I can listen to beethoven, or something like that.
You can find the file here: http://www.box.net/shared/lfzlun69dh
From the few measures you've written so far it seems that you have a good sense of harmony. If you are starting to develop a taste for chamber music similar to what you heard the other day you could start by seeing if the ensemble you heard has a website and if so mail whoever their contact is telling them that you liked the music, ask them about their repertoire and when they are playing next. I'm sure they will be glad to hear from you.

The alternative is to start listening to internet radio stations which play classical music but it could take a while for you to find the right station which matches your interest in chamber music.
Thank you so much for your reply Chris. I'll syure have a look if I can obtain an email address.

And thank you as well for the term "chamber music", I've googled it up and I found a very large wikipedia page about it, containing many names and all. Thank you smile

Nice theme to work with.

A good starting exercise is to make a dozen variations of it. You'll start figuring out how to develop your piece that way.

BTW, pan your tracks a little closer to center. That cello on the left seems to be in the next county. laugh

John smile
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