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The best fake books?

Posted By: cruiser

The best fake books? - 05/05/09 10:12 AM

I'm finding the search function in the new-style forums infuriating and so I'd simply like to ask - can anyone please recommend any particular series of 'fake' books, perhaps those most commonly used by accomplished players?

Thanks in advance!
Posted By: Brian Bennett

Re: The best fake books? - 05/05/09 02:46 PM

Real Book 1 - 4 are pretty much the standard of standards. Amazon carries a few.

Posted By: Roger Ransom

Re: The best fake books? - 05/05/09 11:02 PM

I've had LOTS of fake books over the years starting with the old illegal, difficult to read ones. However, my very favorite are the Warner Brothers Real Books. They have easy to read music and chord symbols. The chords and progressions are really right on, there is a good selection of songs, most included the little played verses.

I think you'll like them, check them out.

There is a Standards, Jazz, Blues and Gershwin edition. I hope they publish more.
Posted By: majones

Re: The best fake books? - 05/06/09 01:51 AM

Depends on what style of music you like. Hal Leonard's The Ultimate Country Fake Book has over 700 songs. If you are into Country I think you will like this book. It's in single note lead sheet format.

I also have good luck with Hal Leonard's The Decade series - it's in Big E-Z note format - which may not be what you want, but the selection is great just pick the decade you like, i.e. 60's, 70's, 80's etc. Close to 100 songs per book and most books are in the $10 range, can not beat the price.

Posted By: JazzPianoEducator

Re: The best fake books? - 05/06/09 05:42 AM

If you're interested in jazz standards I'd also recommend the real books. I think amazon has real book 1. If you do some searching with google you might be able to find someone who has them posted for download too...
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