"Christmas Time is Here"

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"Christmas Time is Here" - 11/22/07 06:42 AM

I remember the first time I saw Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums, and found myself overcome with nostalgia when they came to the scene when they're sitting in that ice cream parlor and the song "Christmas Time is Here" from A Charlie Brown Christmas comes on in the background. What a beautiful yet also wistful song!

The original version:

Piano solo:

Piano tutorial:
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Re: "Christmas Time is Here" - 11/22/07 07:17 AM

thank you for posting the tutuorial. I will learn it and my kids will love to try it too. Happy thanksgiving!
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Re: "Christmas Time is Here" - 11/22/07 07:57 AM

Thanks DDS ....

"On Eagles Wings" was wonderful also.
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Re: "Christmas Time is Here" - 12/16/07 05:15 PM

Here's another tutorial courtesy of Santa Claus:

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Re: "Christmas Time is Here" - 12/17/07 09:54 AM

"Christmas Time is Here"....great all time classic song.