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How to use musicrobot??

Posted By: mr_super-hunky

How to use musicrobot?? - 07/07/05 04:59 PM

Does anyone know how to use musicrobot?, There are tons of midi files that I am told you can "convert" over to sheet music exept I don't know how.

Any suggestions would be appreciated
Posted By: Rob Mullins

Re: How to use musicrobot?? - 07/07/05 05:42 PM

Converting midi files to sheet music is something most humans I know can't do correctly. I am curious as to how the robot might do it, probably badly with any serious piece of music.
Let us know how it turns out.
Posted By: mr_super-hunky

Re: How to use musicrobot?? - 07/07/05 08:59 PM

on www.musicrobot.com I am told you CAN convert the midi files somehow by downloading them and converting them over to printable "sheet" music.

A few people have told me this and thats what they do on the www.musicrobot site.

I don't know how to do it, so if anyone does... please reply.
Posted By: Riddler

Re: How to use musicrobot?? - 07/07/05 11:46 PM

To convert Midi files to sheetmusic, you need software such as MidiNotate, which you can buy online at www.notation.com.

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