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"Autumn Breeze"

Posted By: Johnny-Boy

"Autumn Breeze" - 09/04/07 10:37 PM

[Linked Image]

Every Fall I seem to compose a melancholy song. This year is no exception. Hope you enjoy.

Best, John

"Autumn Breeze"

Lyrics: Cal Francis DiFalco
Music: John Lawrence Schick
Vocal: ERIK
Posted By: JazzManToo

Re: "Autumn Breeze" - 09/06/07 04:51 PM

Well done. Sounds more interesting than much of the material I've heard coming from Broadway these days. Also, nice job with the (digital) orchestration.
Posted By: Diane...

Re: "Autumn Breeze" - 09/06/07 06:59 PM


When I click on the site, I'm not getting anything!

Guess I'll try again later!
Posted By: Johnny-Boy

Re: "Autumn Breeze" - 09/06/07 07:08 PM

Hi Diane! If you're having trouble with the above link, you can hear Autumn Breeze here: http://www.broadjam.com/Blue

Best, John
Posted By: Diane...

Re: "Autumn Breeze" - 09/06/07 07:13 PM


Okay, got it to play this time!

A couple of suggestions;

1. In the middle of the piece somewhere, give the singing a break and just play the piano. This way it's like taking a breath and gives a moment to reflect and gives us time to hear the beautiful piano arrangements.

2. Play on a real piano! That keyboard is a bit stark! And gives me a jolt and takes away from the calmness of the piece.

Just my 2 suggestions.

Nice song!
Posted By: Johnny-Boy

Re: "Autumn Breeze" - 09/06/07 08:03 PM

Thanks for your comments Diane.

There is a break in the vocal after the first chorus. The piano plays alone for four measures.

Normally publishers don't want long instrumental parts in songs. If any, only very short ones.

Thanks again for listening.

Best, John
Posted By: 193866

Re: "Autumn Breeze" - 09/07/07 01:31 AM

A piano solo for this composition and a Boston Pops winner, many violins and symphonic. The melody is so soulful and can carry itself without a vocal at all. Yesterday by the Beatles is an example ...I never want to hear the words I just want the music. Your voice is very excellent also, you have a Michael Feinstein type of voice. Thank you for sharing with us. Sandy B
Posted By: Johnny-Boy

Re: "Autumn Breeze" - 09/07/07 03:31 AM

Thanks Sandy. Maybe I will make a piano solo (with strings) out of it also.

That's Erik blessing us with his singing. He's sang about a dozen of our songs.

Best, John
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