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Hm7 G/H Guitar chords

Posted By: hgiles

Hm7 G/H Guitar chords - 08/02/05 08:51 PM

Anyone know what the Hm7 of G/H denotes? I take a lot of chords for pop tunes form guitar sites, but don't know what this nomenclatures means.

Posted By: Jens Schlosser

Re: Hm7 G/H Guitar chords - 08/03/05 10:32 AM

This is the notation which is used traditionally in some counties (like here in Germany). Hm7 is Bm7 (b-d-f#-a) and G/H means a G major chord with a B in the bass (left hand: b right hand g-b-d, or you may as well skip the b in the right hand: g-d-g).

What you call B flat, is called B here, what you call B is called H here. That's all.

Hope this helps.

Posted By: hgiles

Re: Hm7 G/H Guitar chords - 08/03/05 12:35 PM

Yowza! Thanks for the info! I thought it was some guitar specific stuff...
Posted By: wfred

Re: Hm7 G/H Guitar chords - 08/03/05 01:45 PM

JS--Do you guys use anything like the Nashville numbering system? LAMO--how do you call changes when playing w/Brits, Dutchers, Swedes, Swissers, Yanks, etc., etc.???!!! Best Regards!
Posted By: Jens Schlosser

Re: Hm7 G/H Guitar chords - 08/03/05 08:22 PM


as long as you know both types of chord notation it is not a problem at all. I just call b natural b natural and b flat b flat. I recommend it to everybody who relies on the german system, since most sheet music has the international changes. Usually it is not a problem.

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