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American Idol Type Show - Elton John Tribute

Posted By: Piano World

American Idol Type Show - Elton John Tribute - 05/13/07 10:41 PM

Some industry insiders have contacted me about a proposed "American Idol" type show, with a twist.
I told them I'd post information so they can get some input from our piano enthusiasts...

The following is a sort of "press release" about the proposed show...

Don't Shoot Me; I'm Only the Piano Player

Under pressure, under the lights,
alone on stage
with nothing but talent and a grand piano.

This tastefully produced, 13-week reality competition will honor Elton John using his vast musical library of original music by challenging young piano-playing vocalists to display their abilities. To win, they will also need to exhibit true showmanship and creativity through the use of original costumes and how well they arrange Sir Elton's hits to make a rendition uniquely their own.
This is not a competition of Elton John impersonators; it is a tribute to his talent and showmanship. Staff professionals will assist contestants in arranging and providing accompaniment for performances.

A contest within the contest of up and coming fashion designers will simultaneously be sponsored providing a competitive arena for retro or current, hip and outrageous outfits to be created for each routine throughout the series providing a unique visual aspect.
Every show, archived footage of Elton John is used to place each performance into context with Elton's history of the piece.

In the finale, Elton will be honored; ultimately performing in a duet with the Winner.

A show like this will make piano playing look cool again and will inspire millions of young "Next" generation viewers.

And a more detailed explanation...

A tribute to Elton John

This is a 13-week, televised piano/vocal competition where-in all contestants compete using songs from Sir Elton’s vast library of musical compositions.

• Imagine the power of a prime-time television show featuring young pianist/vocalists in wild costumes paying homage to the showmanship and music of Sir Elton. Retro is in. Reality shows are hot. They have had a profound affect on their viewing audiences. What would tens of millions of kids and teenagers watching piano playing young stars during their 15-minutes of fame do? Start to pester their parents for piano lessons maybe?

We are not looking for Elton John impersonators. We are looking for talented show people who can give a different sound to Elton’s music with their own personal style through unique arrangements. They are out there.

• This concept is bottom-up, not top-down.

• This concept costs the music industry nothing. All costs are shouldered by the television network and a great deal of the profits (millions) are structured to go to charity.

Why Elton John?

• Elton John’s music spans decades, is popular world-wide, consists of many styles
and typically features the piano as the main instrument. He has sold over 200 million records with over 50 top-40 hits! A minimum of one hit single every year from 1970 to 1999! He has written scores for children’s musicals and Broadway hits. His costumes and persona are recognized worldwide.

• Elton John’s success was a key factor in the success of the piano in Rock and Roll. Nobody has done more for the piano’s popularity. He made playing the piano look cool.

• This can be an international program as Elton John is popularity spans many continents. Benefits will be realized world-wide.

• With this competition, everybody wins.

This project, entitled “Don’t Shoot Me; I’m Only the Piano Player” is already in the hands of Sir Elton’s management and is under consideration.

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Posted By: Serge88

Re: American Idol Type Show - Elton John Tribute - 05/13/07 11:35 PM

Great idea, there is viewers for that show but two things you have to keep in mine, piano is less popular than guitar and elton John is not so popular among teenager and young adult(15 to 25 years old).

A costume contest within the show will had a second interesting element if the piano performance is boring.

It all depends who is your target audience but I will watch that show.

For each contestant you could do a bio about there life and the piano, when and why they started playing the piano.

More we know about the contestants more with can connect to them and more we will be touch by there performance and follow them weeks after weeks.

Posted By: Pyano Teacher

Re: American Idol Type Show - Elton John Tribute - 05/14/07 05:19 PM

I think that this is a great idea. Many of my young students watch American Idol and they don't recognize most of the songs which are sung in the show. They don't watch because of who originally wrote or performed the song, they watch to see young performers like themselves or who they might want to be like. Many of my adult students would probably watch with their kids because of the Elton John aspect I imagine since many request to learn his music. I am not a popular-music teacher however, strictly classical but still, I can see a show like this generating many new students.

I do really like Elton John's music myself. I look forward to seeing this show on TV.
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