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keyboarders in a praise team

Posted By: sunheedayy

keyboarders in a praise team - 03/08/05 01:18 AM

if there are any keyboarders that play for a church praise team or something, i was wondering what kind of techniques you use. i know some keyboarders are very reserved with their playing, and others who play throughout the whole song.
Posted By: gryphon

Re: keyboarders in a praise team - 03/09/05 12:24 PM

Most of the ones I've seen at local churches are pretty reserved and simple with their playing. I know one exception, but she was a performance major and taught at university.
Posted By: Eldon

Re: keyboarders in a praise team - 03/09/05 01:30 PM

Well, I actually pretend that I'm Southern Baptist, and beat the heck out of it...

laugh laugh laugh

Really, just kidding! :p
Posted By: Llyndyn

Re: keyboarders in a praise team - 03/13/05 11:07 PM

I play keyboard in a praise band and I'm kinda schizophrenic. During contemporary-type songs I do a lot of improv along with the other instrumentalists, but during traditional songs and responses (e.g. Gloria Patri, Doxology, etc.) I play more by the book. Otherwise the geriatric lifetime members would probably shoot me.
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