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Boogie Woogie left hand fingering

Posted By: bestremera

Boogie Woogie left hand fingering - 03/09/05 07:59 AM


Re: the basic 5 note boogie woogie left hand pattern (ending on the flatted 7th):

The fingering I have adopted, with no formal instruction, starts with my pinky on the root (let's say in C). I play the 3rd (E) with my middle finger and keep going. I question the best way to finish the pattern. My thumb ends up on the 6th (A) and the only way to finish on the Bflat is to either pick my thumb from the A and move it up to the Bflat and back, OR to cross over my thumb with my index finger to hit the Bflat.

Is there a preferred way that blues players approach this fingering?

Thanks, Bob
Posted By: MikeMcf31

Re: Boogie Woogie left hand fingering - 03/09/05 11:48 AM

Bob, I posted this on another thread...

I learned some boogie woogie piano this summer. I started with the Albert Ammons left hand. c-c-e-c-g-c-a-g with this fingering 5-4-3-5-2-5-1-2. it is important that although you play the first note (c) twice, switch fingers (5 then 4) you'll be happy you learned this way. The first week, that was all I did. I played with a metronone, that's important too. then I played the same pattern in f, then in g. Nothing at all in the right hand the first week. Just left hand with the metronone... it drove my wife nuts. Then I played a simple melody to this pattern the second week. That was real tough looking back, but I started slow and always with a metronone. Eventually I got a Dr John video that included some sheet music for Swannee Boogie and I learned it. I took it measure by measure... over and over again. Anyhow, long story short, it took along time and I really had to discipline myself but now the left hand is automatic, I dont even have to think about it.
Posted By: Robert J

Re: Boogie Woogie left hand fingering - 03/09/05 04:12 PM

Mike - explain the reason for the finger switch.
What is wrong with 5-5-3-5-2-5-1-2 where the 2 and one do G and A respectively?
Posted By: ivorythumper

Re: Boogie Woogie left hand fingering - 03/09/05 11:29 PM

It seems easier for me to go 4-5-3-5-1-5-1-2

but when I try 5-4-3-5-2-5-1-2 I get a bit more of a bounce and momentum up the scale. Is that why?
Posted By: MikeMcf31

Re: Boogie Woogie left hand fingering - 03/10/05 12:06 AM

Robert, to answer your question, the reason why you switch fingers though you are playing the same note is that you will be able to play it faster once you get your speed going. I questioned this also when my teacher first showed me, but he was right. it may be awkward at first, but well worth it to learn it this way.
Posted By: Robert J

Re: Boogie Woogie left hand fingering - 03/10/05 12:51 PM

I'll try it (we have good heath care in Canada if something goes wrong with my pinky)

I guess I've always doubled the 5 as in the pattern

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