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Does anyone know who....

Posted By: PianoBeast10489

Does anyone know who.... - 01/17/05 10:01 PM

Yani is? I just got a CD of his from my nana. She was giving me all her CD's she had and he was one of them. I have never heard of him before, and havent had a chance to listen to the CD yet, but i noticed that he isn't classical music. Anyone know anything about him, like how long he has been on the scene, or any good songs of his?
Posted By: Spin Doctor

Re: Does anyone know who.... - 01/18/05 12:56 PM

He came on the scene in the 80's during the New Age phase, along with George Winston, Suzanne Ciani et. al. He does sort of orchestral stuff with guest artists lately, but he was originally a kind of new age piano guy. I don't own any of his CD's, but I have some of his sheet music from when I was in the easy listening music phase.

It's kinda pop world music.

Posted By: PianoBeast10489

Re: Does anyone know who.... - 01/20/05 11:00 PM

I was wondering because he is comming to Chrystler hall in february and was wondering if you think hes worth going to see. Do you reccomend going to see him?
Posted By: Spin Doctor

Re: Does anyone know who.... - 01/20/05 11:22 PM

Since you're really into music, I'd recommend you see him at least once. His music can be very emotional. I haven't been to one of his concerts in a long time, but it's worth checking out. Go, and let us know what you think.

Posted By: PianoBeast10489

Re: Does anyone know who.... - 01/21/05 07:16 PM

Ok i will. The concert is on Feb. 20 so ill have plenty of time to get the tickets and hopefully ill enjoy it alot. thank you for reccomending him!
Posted By: signa

Re: Does anyone know who.... - 01/22/05 12:46 AM

Yanni composes new age stuff, including pieces for piano solo or some solo instruments with orchestra. i used to like new age thing so that i got a few his CDs, piano pieces perhaps (don't quite remember and haven't touched them for long time). but he was on PBS a few times before (not lately though), as i remember. in general, his music sounds 'pretty' with some emotional range but not in anyway profound or dramatic or anything, just like most easy listening stuff.

btw, imo he is better than Clayderman because at least he composes his own stuff while Clayderman plays his easy arrangements of other people's compositions.
Posted By: ivorythumper

Re: Does anyone know who.... - 01/22/05 03:35 PM

I saw Yanni years ago in DC (but don't tell anyone!)-- great show. He's got an amazing jazz violinist, Karen Briggs , who rocked the house!

Yanni is bit on the New Age, sappy, overly emotional, feel-good-lets-have-a-world-group-hug-- but he is quite the showman.
Posted By: Riyoku Sakimori

Re: Does anyone know who.... - 01/22/05 11:46 PM

I got his CD from my parents.
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