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Posted By: Simon_b Oscar Peterson is smokin' - 05/14/22 07:41 AM

Here's Oscar Peterson in 1988 performing Cakewalk with Niels Pederson on bass and Martin Drew on drums. I recently picked up a cheap DVD of this entire concert, it's gem.


I saw him live the year before, though I can't remember whether it was this trio, or one with Ray Brown.

He was my first Jazz Piano hero, and remains one to this day.

Posted By: tend to rush Re: Oscar Peterson is smokin' - 05/14/22 11:55 AM
Thanks for posting. Saw him a couple of times - both post-stroke, but still pretty great. NHOP is my all-time favorite bass player.
Posted By: Simon_b Re: Oscar Peterson is smokin' - 05/14/22 01:37 PM

I saw him post-stroke as well. As you say, still pretty great, even then. Indeed at that time, before the internet was widely available (1996), I didn't even know he'd had a stroke, and only realised about a 1/3 of the way through the concert.

NHOP was an amazing bass player. Martin Drew, though perhaps the least well known of the trio was a great drummer. I saw him playing smaller gigs around London in the late 90s and 2000s, perhaps most memorably with Jimmy Smith at the Jazz Cafe in Camden, when I stood practically in front of his drum kit.

Posted By: ClsscLib Re: Oscar Peterson is smokin' - 05/15/22 01:40 AM
Jimmy Smith was another great jazz artist. I had the great good fortune to see him at Joe Segal's Jazz Showcase at the Blackstone in Chicago in the '80s. It was one of those performances that one never wanted to end.
Posted By: dpvjazz Re: Oscar Peterson is smokin' - 05/15/22 03:41 PM
Here a old recording that you might enjoy

I met Jiimy Smith at his LA supper club and it was a gas the music was excellent and he was very gracious he even ask if I wanted to hang and study with him that summer but I was from Phoenix and I could not as I had other commitments at the time.
In the 1970s, Smith opened his own supper club in the North Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, at 12910 Victory Boulevard and played there regularly with Kenny Dixon on drums, Herman Riley and John F. Phillips on saxophone; also included in the band was harmonica/flute player Stanley Behrens.

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