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Hi friends, I am happy to share with you that I will be moving my jazz school and dwelling to Peekskill, NYC, about an hour north from NYC by car or train, on Nov.1st. I will have 2 Yamaha C'3" pianos back to back and will be doing in-person lessons (Once Covid clears) where piano students and I can jam together) Blessings and Keep Swingin!
So happy for you Dave!
That's great Dave congrat's on the new local. I left big city living when I retired and really dig it. Now I'd like to move to an even smaller local like Peekskill but on the Left Coast. That's the nice thing about these days as long as you have good internet you can live anywhere and still work and find the things you like.

Peace and Keep On Sheddin'
Hey Dave, congrats on the move. You’ll be near Charlie Krachy. You know him, right? Plays with Kazzrie Jaxsen. Here’s something new you might like. Best, Mike

Hi Dave,

Congratulations on the move! On the other hand I will miss seeing you when I'm in NYC. Having two Yamaha grands in the same room sounds deluxe, though. Keep on swinging, baby. -Wes
you and your wife are invited up to visit anytime, we are only 50 min by train from midtown Manhattan..we can jam on 2 pianos and then talk a walk on Bear Mountain)

Looking forward to it, Dave.
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