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Posted By: Nahum An question to Adam Mannes - 10/02/20 07:53 PM
The live video lesson of Adam Mannes on Brad Mehldau's phrasing just ended. It was interesting; and looking at his right hand, I asked: "From which part of the hand are you making an accent?" He replied that he had never thought about it. Is this a common occurrence among jazz piano teachers?
Posted By: Nahum Re: An question to Adam Mannes - 10/06/20 09:53 AM
Pending comments, I want to add.
When a jazz department opened at the Jerusalem Academy of Music in 1980, a pedagogical council was convened to create a syllabus. The result was amazing: the load of study hours for jazz students turned out to be twice as large as for classical music students. In the end, it was necessary to ruthlessly cut the curriculum, and change the ratio of "classical" and jazz courses . If instead of 30 weekly academic hours there is only 1 hour. In these conditions, priority setting is inevitably required; and in my feeling (and experience) - the physical part of the pianistic technique in terms of degree of importance pushed back to the end ; while the topic of symbiosis of hands (and the whole body) with the instrument , which leads to sound production, is in the first place in teaching and learning the classical piano.
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