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Posted By: ShiroKuro Plug/recommendation for Tunescribers.com - 09/24/20 01:27 PM
I posted this in the Adult Beginners Forum but I thought I'd post it here as well, esp. since people here might be more likely to want transcriptions or lead sheets for modern music, pop songs, and other music that's less likely to have sheet music available.

I just wanted to share my recent experience with Tunescribers.com since I know people here may consider using their services. (And as I recall, the first time I searched here, there weren't many/any comments... maybe I should go and try to find my original post...)

Anyway, Tunescribers.com is a website that sells custom sheet music -- in other words, they transcribe music into a musical score for a small fee. And they also then sell the scores that someone else has previously ordered, so either way, you can use Tunescribers.com to get sheet music that you can't get anywhere else.

So now for the reason I decided to make this post. I recently bought the score for a piece by Alexis Ffrench from Tunescribers. But after I started playing it, I found some spots where I thought the score was written poorly (what I called "spelling' mistakes). As an example, there is a phrase that appears at numerous spots in the piece, but in the score, it would sometimes appear in the treble clef and other times in the bass clef. Some explanation, since this probably doesn't make sense... these notes are right in the middle of the keyboard, and the phrase is an accompaniment rather than melody phrase, so basically you could play them with either your left or right hand. But in the score, sometimes it was written in the left hand part, other times in the right hand part. I felt that made the score hard to read, because each time you came to that phrase, since it wasn't written consistently, it made it hard to read.

In a thread here on the ABF, I complained about that and wrote something to the effect that I wouldn't use Tunescribers again. Well, someone from Tunescribers spotted that and sent me a PM. Long story short, I told him what I thought was wrong with the score and he made corrections and sent it back to me!

I was very impressed by that. And the newer version of the score is easier to read/play. So I thought I'd share this update here in case anyone else is considered ordering a score from them.

TL;DR: Tunescribers is a legit company with great customer service and real people working there who work hard to produce good quality sheet music.

(And no, I am not connected to the company nor do I benefit from this thread!)
I used Tunescribers once a few months back, was quite pleased. I seem to recall that they said up front that if I wasn't happy, to contact them so they could fix things. Sounds like you missed that at first.
Originally Posted by TheophilusCarter
Sounds like you missed that at first.

Indeed! whome
Originally Posted by ShiroKuro
Originally Posted by TheophilusCarter
Sounds like you missed that at first.

Indeed! whome

Glad it worked out. smile
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