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Posted By: joeyscones Pentatonic finger trouble - 06/16/19 08:53 PM
Hi everyone; I am getting pretty good at minor pentatonics EXCEPT the three with just white keys. D, A and E minor pentatonic.
My fingers seem to get crossed up all the time even when just running the scale.
Any help or exercises would be appreciated.

Posted By: Nahum Re: Pentatonic finger trouble - 06/17/19 06:13 AM
Hi, Scones! Can we watch your video?
Posted By: ZeroZero Re: Pentatonic finger trouble - 08/13/19 07:25 PM
Just to sayI still have troubles with c pentatonic myself. So, I decided to learn a few ways and bed them all in. Depends a lot on context and where you come from and go to
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