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Solo Jazz Piano Recommendations

Posted By: Kinimod

Solo Jazz Piano Recommendations - 05/09/19 09:25 PM

After years of playing mostly classical music I got interested in jazz piano. However most Jazz Piano Books like Levine and Richards seem to focus on playing in a Trio setting. But the thing is that I am just a hobby pianist and have no band to play with.

Are there any books on solo jazz piano that you recommend? Are there possibly solo jazz recordings that I could use as a guide?
Posted By: Simon_b

Re: Solo Jazz Piano Recommendations - 05/10/19 10:47 AM


There are a lot of good books of transcribed Jazz Piano. Much as you say is taken from trio recordings. However there certainly are some good solo ones.

I'd recommend the complete transcription of Oscar Peterson's "Tracks" album. Obviously this is mainly very difficult.
But you can buy the album so you can hear it.

I'd also recommend Nikki Iles 4 books "Jazz on a....". These are very good and mostly medium grade level.
They come with a CD of the recording played by Nikki (a professional UK Jazz Pianist).

That's off the top of my head.

Posted By: jjo

Re: Solo Jazz Piano Recommendations - 05/10/19 03:17 PM

Most jazz books like Levine do not focus solely on trio playing, but rather on playing from lead sheets. They provide the tools to make your own arrangements, either with a trio or solo. It sounds like you're looking for fully written out jazz solo arrangements. There are plenty of them out there. Unfortunately I, like many jazz player, play only from lead sheets so I can't provide any recommendations. Do google searches for transcriptions of solo piano.

As for recordings. try the Maybeck Hall recital series. There are dozens of them, I believe all solo piano, with some of the best people playing. I'd also suggest listing to any of the Marian McPartland Piano Jazz shows where the guest was a pianist. She and the guest will each play solo tunes (plus some duets).
Posted By: pianoloverus

Re: Solo Jazz Piano Recommendations - 05/10/19 06:20 PM

Some sites with free or reasonably priced transcriptions:






Posted By: Nahum

Re: Solo Jazz Piano Recommendations - 05/10/19 07:11 PM

Thanks , pianoloverus, very exciting.
Posted By: pianoloverus

Re: Solo Jazz Piano Recommendations - 05/11/19 03:00 AM

The biggest site may be this one:

They have literally thousands of books with jazz transcriptions and you can join for free for one month.
Posted By: Daniel_m

Re: Solo Jazz Piano Recommendations - 05/11/19 05:48 AM


This one is very nice, but only for learning how to play bass lines on the left hand.
Posted By: JazzPianoOnline

Re: Solo Jazz Piano Recommendations - 05/12/19 11:05 PM

Check out my site


Lots of free content and the paid content is deep with topics like

Rootless Voicings with Added Tension: http://bit.ly/2RoEkh2
Solo Jazz Piano: http://bit.ly/2P8N1dQ
Comping: http://bit.ly/2DVUzzq
How to Improvise: http://bit.ly/2O4VYbo

Write for more info!
Posted By: kanadajin

Re: Solo Jazz Piano Recommendations - 05/13/19 05:49 PM


See similar thread (above) which I commented on. I highly recommend the Tim Richards books Exploring Jazz Piano Vol. 1 and 2, as well as the Transcribe! software. I play solo jazz piano and these have been a blessing, at least to me. Perhaps they would be helpful to you as well.

Saludos !
Posted By: Ted

Re: Solo Jazz Piano Recommendations - 05/15/19 11:56 PM

Don't forget John Farrell, an amazingly accurate and prolific transcriber of recent times.

John Farrell
Posted By: KenBakerMN

Re: Solo Jazz Piano Recommendations - 05/30/19 03:00 PM

You can be a transcription of Keith Jarrett's Koln Concert published by Schott, also transcriptions of Chick Corea's solo improvisations published by I don't remember.

You probably wouldn't try to learn an entire piece from the Jarrett but there are many playable sections. The Corea books have shorter pieces that our very playable. My favorites are Some Time Ago and Song For Sally.
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