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Posted By: Nahum Bill Evans - genius of piano arrangement - 05/08/19 03:44 PM


Posted By: Simon_b Re: Bill Evans - genius of piano arrangement - 05/08/19 05:36 PM
Thanks Nahum,

Emily is a gorgeous tune, that was perfectly suited to Bill Evans.
I hadn't seen the 1969 track before.
A young Eddie Gomez on bass - still playing to this day.
And would have believed from his out of tune singing that William Shatner could play drums that well :-)

Posted By: Nahum Re: Bill Evans - genius of piano arrangement - 05/09/19 11:46 AM
Listening to both versions, performed with an interval of 9 years, you can understand the features of the concept of B.E. what was constantly, and what changed from time to time. For example, a trigger improvisation - constant initial phrase - break , which already incorporated the energy to continue. His polyphonic thinking was startling and diverse, full of small polished details, like the big classical pianists. It is not by chance that Glenn Gould loved his playing .
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