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Posted By: richardgoodman10 Cocktail Piano Talk - 04/25/19 02:18 PM
Is there anyone out there who is interested in discussing cocktail/restaurant piano stylings, techniques, etc. ? I'd love to chat with others who are like minded.
Posted By: PianoWVBob Re: Cocktail Piano Talk - 04/25/19 04:05 PM
There is a HUGE thread on this subject already and it's worth a read. There are a few very good cocktail type players involved in it.
Posted By: Docbop Re: Cocktail Piano Talk - 05/01/19 01:56 AM
As someone from a Jazz background I'd say Cocktail piano has nothing to do with Jazz. Because you roll your eighth notes and use some chord extensions doesn't make it Jazz. The only common factor is Jazz and Cocktail both play a lot of what's called Standards or Great American Songbook tunes. I'm not criticizing Cocktail piano just pointing out they are not the same thing, Jazz is about pushing boundaries every time you play.
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