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Scott Joplin rags

Posted By: scottgreen94

Scott Joplin rags - 04/15/19 04:22 PM

I’ve just bought Joplin’s complete piano rags and have started Maple Leaf Rag. I can play the first and second sections hands together at a moderate speed. I played it years ago and getting back into ragtime as a change for classical.

Does anyone else love Scott Joplin and his rags like me. What have you played and what are you working on?
Posted By: Simon_b

Re: Scott Joplin rags - 04/15/19 04:53 PM


Unsurprisingly there are lots of people on this forum who love Joplin's rags. Indeed when I first joined a few years ago there was a Joplin and/or ragtime place to submit your performances. Some very good submissions as I recall.

Over the years I've studied a quite few of his rags and my favourites are:

Maple Leaf Rag
Elite Syncopations
Swipsey Cakewalk
Sunflower Slow Drag

I'm not playing them much at present, so can't claim to be working on anything.

Posted By: Beardog

Re: Scott Joplin rags - 04/15/19 05:54 PM

I like Joplin, but I like many other composers of that era just as well.

I am presently working on "The Easy Winners".

Also, I am having fun learning "Seven Come Eleven" (also sometimes called "Seben Come Eleben"), an early rag/stride piece from an obscure (at least to me) composer named W. J. Bay. Some parts of the tune are harder than they first appear, to get under one's fingers!:

Seven Come Eleven, by W. J. Bay
Posted By: RayR3004

Re: Scott Joplin rags - 04/15/19 07:26 PM

I've done Maple Leaf and Solace. Looking forward to working on more! Lots of fun to play. Good luck!
Posted By: Whizbang

Re: Scott Joplin rags - 04/16/19 02:00 AM

Originally Posted by scottgreen94

Does anyone else love Scott Joplin and his rags like me. What have you played and what are you working on?

I have played a heck of a lot of them. Gladiolus Rag was the last one I got to performable and postable level. I'm not working on anything at the moment, since I have not had access to my piano in a few months.
Posted By: KenBakerMN

Re: Scott Joplin rags - 04/16/19 03:22 PM

I've played The Entertainer and Maple Leaf. And while those two are popular for a reason - they're great tunes - they are a little over used so I moved on to some others. Solace is my favorite, a beautiful melody at a relaxed pace. Recently started looking at Gladiolis, also a beautiful melody. Easy Winners is a fun piece. Someone mentioned Bethena; I haven't played that one but a great choice.

My opinion (and worth every penny you paid for it): you often hear Joplin tunes played pretty fast. That works for some tunes, like Elite Syncopations, but for others I think it's better to dial it back a bit and give the melody time to sing.
Posted By: NittyRanks

Re: Scott Joplin rags - 05/06/19 07:51 PM

They are harder than people give them credit for.
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