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Posted By: jamess Inspiration needed.. - 07/10/17 07:43 PM
Hi all. I play a wide range of music from classical to blues and boogie. Not all that well but that's another story! I'm after some inspiration for music to play and after any suggestions. I play quite a bit of ludovico einaudi so maybe looking for that kind of thing. Any soundtracks people recommend? Anything helpful...

Posted By: Simon_b Re: Inspiration needed.. - 07/10/17 08:19 PM

Apart from soundtracks you sound similar to me. I dabble with classical, play a lot of blues and boogie as well as rock styles and have spent a lot of time playing Jazz (quite badly). I'm a master of none of them! Soundtrack wise though I can't help you.

Have you thought about Ragtime, particularly Scott Joplin? He wrote some wonderful stuff, apart from The Entertainer (The Sting). Some of it isn't that difficult and it can be a lot of fun. Alternatively there is a ton of great Jazz stuff you could get into.

Obviously I don't know whether you have a good ear, or whether you are a good reader or both. But if you are reasonable at one of these then lead sheets for Jazz tunes, and learning to improvise (if you can't already) would be something new.

Years ago I spent a lot of time picking up bits and pieces from a lot of rock/pop players. So if you ever heard me at a gig (unlikely these days) you'd hear bits of Elton John, Reese Wynans and Prof Longhair coming out of my fingers.

To be honest the choices out there are endless. My general rule of thumb is to practice and play what I enjoy listening to. Quite often its what I'm listening to currently. So for example at the moment I've been listening and trying to play a lot of Chick Corea (not easy!).

Hope that is of some help.

Posted By: Cade Re: Inspiration needed.. - 07/13/17 01:56 PM
If you like Einaudi, then there's Yann Tiersen, Yiruma, the pianists in these videos:

Personally I like harmonic complexity in music, someone like Brad Mehldau, which can be alienating to someone that's not used to it.
That said, his Vienne 2010 concert is probably one of the most approachable jazz piano performances out there.
He can have a simple and compelling pop sensibility too.
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