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Bruce Hornsby master class

Posted By: davefrank

Bruce Hornsby master class - 01/02/13 04:52 PM

Hi amigo/gas you may enjoy this in-depth master class on Bruuuuce Hornsby)


Dave Frank
Posted By: Dave Horne

Re: Bruce Hornsby master class - 01/02/13 10:22 PM

Dave, you're a very talented musician.

I read "monster pianist", I assume a self chosen self description, and I really don't feel like watching anything.

Have you noticed that your posts don't seem to generate a lot of responses?
Posted By: davefrank

Re: Bruce Hornsby master class - 01/02/13 11:17 PM

Happy New Year Dave!!
Posted By: jawhitti

Re: Bruce Hornsby master class - 01/05/13 04:20 PM

"Content not currently online".

DaveH - DaveF certainly does a lot of self promototion on these forums but he contributes a lot here as well. his instructional vids are top notch. I haven't watched any of the Master Class vids dedicated to a particular artist so can't comment on them.

I don't know what you trying to achieve with veiled insults in a public forum? Maybe PMs would be a better way to communicate your dissatisfaction.

DaveF - I'd love to see a workshop on getting that crunchy sound Elton John was getting circa 1971. There's som brilliant playing on *Tumbleweed Connection*. Especially the last verse of "Amoreena", the soloing in "My Father's Gun", and the intro to "Ballad of a well-known gun". I can't quite replicate that mix of bluesy, gospel-y honky tonk, especially those crunchy breaks in the last verse of Amoreena. Any pointers?
Posted By: davefrank

Re: Bruce Hornsby master class - 01/05/13 05:11 PM

There are books that have all his playing on some of his records
transcribed, I believe they are called the Artist Transcription series, I think on Hal Leonard. This is a great way to find what's happening. When I was 12 years old that exact piano thing on Amoreena was my favorite playing, he's using 4-part triads in RH and octaves in LH, breaking up the RH chords in different ways..

Posted By: jawhitti

Re: Bruce Hornsby master class - 01/05/13 05:38 PM

Thank you. Yes they exist but only for his more schmaltzy and lame pieces like Levon or Daniel. I've had a heck of a time finding any decent transcriptions of the stuff he did prior to Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. In my opinion he burned up the stage in that era but once he went "glam" his playing got a lot less interesting. Unfortunately the "glam" era gets all the attention.

It's been awhile since I tried to play Amoreena - maybe I'll dig it out again and try the voicings you are suggesting.
Posted By: davefrank

Re: Bruce Hornsby master class - 01/05/13 05:41 PM

You can probably slow down the recording with one of those slo-downers thingees and get it exactly)
Posted By: RonL

Re: Bruce Hornsby master class - 01/06/13 11:23 PM

Hal Lenoard has a transcription of Amoreena in this collection of Elton John tunes:


There is also an old book called improvising rock piano by Jeffrey gutcheon that has a very nice chapter on the half time style of elton john that is short but worth checking out.
Posted By: jawhitti

Re: Bruce Hornsby master class - 01/07/13 01:23 PM

I have never seen this book. It looks like exactly what i wa.t. Ordered. Thanks for the pointer!

Elton pulls out all kinds cool and very strong voicings that I wouldn't come up with myself. One of them in Amoreena is playing an F LH against GDG in the RH kit above it followed by E in LH and GCG in the RH. Sounds pedestrian and obvious when I write it down but it is so strong. He does a similar thing in the live rendition of Can I put you on. Back in topic Bruce does some kind of similar stuff too - he's a master of the suspended 4th.

Ive recently been looking at Joplin and he does some of the same things, so I guess Elton didn't invent it smile Thanks again for the pointer.
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