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Rose Murphy (Chee-Chee)

Posted By: Norman Cotterell

Rose Murphy (Chee-Chee) - 11/30/12 12:20 PM

I just saw The Artist on Netflix, where this song was prominently featured.

Years ago, my father mentioned that he had met her. He was working in Las Vegas, where she was performing as The Chee-Chee Girl. Given segregation, she was not allowed to stay in the hotel where she entertained guests, and had to share quarters with him and his fellow laborers.

Times have changed.

From Wikipedia:

Rose Murphy (born April 28, 1913 in Xenia, Ohio, USA–died November 16, 1989 in New York City, USA.) was a pianist and vocalist most famous for the song 'Busy Line'. Described by Allmusic’s Scott Yanow as having “a unique place in music history”, Rose was known as “the chee chee girl” thanks to her habit of regularly singing the phrase “chee chee” in many of her numbers. She was also known as 'The Girl with the Pale Pink Voice'. She began her musical career in the late 1930s, playing intermission piano for such performers as Count Basie, and achieved strong popularity in both the US and UK in the late 1940s. Despite being a very talented pianist, she is best known for her high pitched singing style, which incorporated a range of jazz style ad lib scat, giggling, and percussive sound effects.
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