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An Original?

Posted By: Firefinch

An Original? - 11/27/12 02:13 PM

I just composed this little tune. Have a listen please.
The Tune !!
Posted By: rada

Re: An Original? - 11/27/12 03:53 PM

I had a listen and heard some very nice sounds. In particular, I think your opening theme/chords could sound quite epic in an orchestral instrumentation.

Posted By: Bobpickle

Re: An Original? - 11/27/12 11:21 PM

nice work. I always enjoy your compositions
Posted By: Firefinch

Re: An Original? - 11/29/12 03:44 PM

Thanks smile
Posted By: Firefinch

Re: An Original? - 01/05/13 11:18 AM

Posted By: hamlet cat

Re: An Original? - 01/07/13 04:40 AM

That song is so very nice. Awesome job composing and playing it. Although I can't play at that level yet, I downloaded the score to put in my files for down the road. Thanks!
Posted By: Firefinch

Re: An Original? - 01/10/13 12:20 PM

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