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What is this pattern?

Posted By: Uharc

What is this pattern? - 11/17/12 01:34 AM

Hello, I am a beginner. This arrangement is in e flat major, and I think that the chords are Cm, Fm, Eb and Bb, but I want to understand the pattern being played with the chords and what the chords actually are in this arrangement, for example I see broken chord inversions but I can't tell which chords are being played at what time and when the change from chord to chord is occurring and what pattern is being followed.
Skip to 40 seconds into the video and take a look, any explanation would be appreciated. I want to learn this arrangement, but it would be a lot easier if I understood what I was doing and which chords I was playing.

Posted By: blueston

Re: What is this pattern? - 11/17/12 06:01 AM

Is your question more about the Left Hand or the Right Hand?

If you have trouble following the Left Hand I would suggest trying a simpler arrangement such as a Root, 5th, Octave arpeggio. Then to extend it the whole measure just toggle back and forth between the 2 high notes- the Octave and the 5th. So- Root, 5th, Octave, 5th, Octave, 5th, Octave, 5th.

If you have a good span/reach you could then try adding the high 3rd instead of the Octave. So Root, 5th, 3rd above the 5th etc.

To be honest, it is hard to tell what's going on in the video because it moves so fast, but you're right it looks like there are some inversions, and I think they are adding in some color notes such as 7th or 9ths on the top of the arpeggio.

To know for sure you might just have to transcribe it onto sheet music so you can analyze it.
Posted By: Uharc

Re: What is this pattern? - 11/17/12 01:19 PM

Yes, I'm talking about the left hand, I was thinking of simplifiying it like you said with the first, fifth then octave, but I can't identify all tthe chords. I am too slow at reading or comprehending sheets because I only started self teaching aa few months back, but I'll eiTher find them or a slowed down video and post them here soon, thanks a lot for your help.
Posted By: Uharc

Re: What is this pattern? - 11/17/12 02:33 PM

Here is a greatly slowed version, forward to 2 minutes and 21 seconds,


I know that first chord is a C minor but I don't understand what is done afterwards.

Then I see a G#/Ab major with some pattern after it

Then I see an E flat major with some pattern after it

Then I see a G minor inversion with some pattern after it, I heard from several tutorials on the chords of the song that this was supposed to be a Bb major, I'm almost certain that a Bb major is the last chord, but I don't see how it is, it has a G instead of an F.

I am not very familiar with 6th, 7th and 9th intervals. I just know that a 7th is one semitone below the octave, a 9th is two semitones above the octave and a 6th is two semitones above a fifth.

Posted By: RonL

Re: What is this pattern? - 11/17/12 02:38 PM

wow this is like watch space invaders - very pretty tune. Terrible piano sound.

I think this is what you are looking for


it was linked from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jArl2LUqRco which is much slower than the link you posted

Thanks for posting - very neat tune..
Posted By: Uharc

Re: What is this pattern? - 11/17/12 05:18 PM

Alright, well now we have the sheets if they are preferred. Now I just need an explanation of what the chords actually are and what pattern is being followed.
Posted By: Uharc

Re: What is this pattern? - 11/17/12 06:05 PM

If you liked that, you would love this:
Posted By: blueston

Re: What is this pattern? - 11/17/12 08:06 PM

The first chord is a Cm like you said, but he adds a 9th (D) on top for color then finishes off by alternating between the Octave & 5th.

The second chord is an Ab like you said but same thing. He rolls all the way up to add a 9th (Bb) on top, then rolls back and forth on the Octave & 5th.

The third chord is a regular Eb chord. He did not add the 9th for this one.

The forth chord looks like a Gm in 2nd inversion (starting on the D), but then he adds an Eb at the end. This is a curious one. You could call it a Gm 6th chord I suppose, but 6th chords in my experience have the 6th one full step above the 5th, not a half step. So I tend to analyze this one as a regular Eb chord, but the initial D as a passing tone because the bass is on it's way down to C. So call it an Eb/D (Eb chord over D in bass). BUT !!! because there is a D at the top as well there is something more going on. So I would then think of that higher D as a 7th making it an Eb7/D. I can see how this one is a little confusing. There is probably more than one way to analyze it but IMHO i think Eb7/D is best way to think of it from watching just the L.H. pattern itself. Could it be more of a Gm or Bb in the song? Maybe, try substituting one of those and see how it sounds.

Then back to Cm and repeat.

The slower version is a lot easier to analyze. laugh

Posted By: Uharc

Re: What is this pattern? - 11/17/12 09:38 PM

Thanks a lot!
Posted By: Bobpickle

Re: What is this pattern? - 11/26/12 06:48 AM

You should brush up on your theory and know that Kyle Landry's arrangements are mostly extravagant and quite complicated at times - by no means are they accessible to beginners.

And as you didn't seem to know, he posts sheets of quite a few of his arrangements (after fans transcribe them) at his website here: http://www.kylelandry.com/?p=sheets

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