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Oscar Peterson

Posted By: Bech

Oscar Peterson - 09/08/12 04:30 PM

Re-playing some of my Oscar Peterson DVDs, now listening to his "Oscar Peterson Trio at Ronnie Scott's 1974."

Oscar, Niels Pedersen on bass and Barney Kessel on guitar.

Just about an unbeatable combo. To my knowledge no bass player has ever been able to match the chops of Pedersen. His performances alone are sufficient reason to buy this DVD.

Lots of Oscar's performances on YouTube, from early to late in his career.

Posted By: TromboneAl

Re: Oscar Peterson - 09/08/12 10:30 PM

To my knowledge no bass player has ever been able to match the chops of Pedersen.

Agreed. On the Berlin Concert DVD, there's a solo that's the fastest bass playing I've ever seen.
Posted By: Veelo

Re: Oscar Peterson - 09/24/12 08:44 PM

I love Oscar Peterson. He is one of the reasons why I want to learn jazz piano.

Here are my favorite pieces:

1. Love Ballade
This version is so beautiful. I think it is the trio with Oscar Peterson (piano), Joe Pass (guitar) and Niels Pedersen (bass). I love the guitar solo.


2. Wheatland
The piece starts at 0:55 (it's from an interview with Andre Previn)


3. Hymn to Freedom


Please post your favorite pieces of him (preferrably with a video).
Posted By: Greener

Re: Oscar Peterson - 09/25/12 01:00 AM

The guy was great. Take a listen to this. I can not find video for it and not even sure where I came across this recording, but I uploaded for you here.

Song to Elitha - Oscar Peterson Trio

This is along same theme as Love Ballade and Hymn to Freedom I think.

Also really like "You Look Good to Me" and his tribute to Bach is outstanding.
Posted By: Greener

Re: Oscar Peterson - 09/25/12 01:42 AM

The theme at 48 seconds, I would really like to know what this is based on if anyone knows.

How about that pick up at 4:30 ... man does this swing or what
Posted By: LadyChen

Re: Oscar Peterson - 09/25/12 04:43 AM

My favorite track from my favorite Oscar CD (and my favorite songbook):

Posted By: Joe Holt

Re: Oscar Peterson - 09/25/12 05:14 PM

Oscar always makes me smile!
Posted By: rintincop

Re: Oscar Peterson - 09/25/12 05:58 PM

How about Keith Jarrett.

Posted By: Greener

Re: Oscar Peterson - 09/26/12 07:53 PM

It is not to say there are not other extremely gifted and great musicians out there. But, the thread was titled OP, so thought that was the main focus. This is a beautiful piece you have posted by Keith Jarrett, a musician I was not familiar with. But, more so now. So, thanks for posting it.

This is quite different then what I would expect from Mr. P., though. For one thing, it doesn't swing. Nor is it supposed to, I suppose. So, it is just WAY different.

Peterson certainly was not the most accurate/precise piano player I have ever heard. There are much better if this were the criteria. But, hard to beat when it comes to a really swinging sound. Just like when Ella Fitzgerald gets passed the MIC from Barbara Streisand, the chandeliers start to swing. Both are extremely gifted singers (IMHO,) but WAY different.

Posted By: Bech

Re: Oscar Peterson - 07/29/13 05:27 AM

Sorry for my very late response to the responses and music you people have submitted. You've all got great taste for
great sound and talent.

Here's another good one:


OP DVDs available from Amazon.


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