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Injured While tuning a piano?

Posted By: pianohead30

Injured While tuning a piano? - 02/25/10 06:55 PM

Not that many people might have had this, and I thankfully havent. But has anyone every been injured tuning a piano?
If so would like to hear different ones.
I know in the early days people were injured from strings that would pop from early harpsichords/fortepianos. Even though that was the developing times for keyboards then. But in present day does this still happen?
Posted By: Silverwood Pianos

Re: Injured While tuning a piano? - 02/25/10 07:00 PM

It can be one of the dangers in tuning the old square grands. When the strings go on these you have your arm right over top of the stringed area. The end of the wire is like a big hypodermic needle; however not quite as clean. Puncture wounds can be dangerous if not treated correctly.
Posted By: RPD

Re: Injured While tuning a piano? - 02/28/10 06:39 PM

On the rare occasion of a square, I pop the lid (no easy task) and start by chip tuning from the other side, if possible...saves on doing gymnastics...and thank God I've never had a string insert into the vein!!! RPD
Posted By: pianohead30

Re: Injured While tuning a piano? - 03/02/10 06:25 PM

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