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Wippen Rebuild Question

Posted By: AUTPHF

Wippen Rebuild Question - 11/24/09 12:04 AM


Please see photos:


I took off one of the wippens from my piano action (baby grand - Mason & Risch). I want to clean up each wippen but not do any unnecessary work. I have very little experience with wippens and was looking for some advise on what (if any) work needs to be done to fix them up.

I was thinking about replacing the felts but they seem to be OK with lots of room left for adjustment. I was thinking maybe of replacing the Capstan felt?

The springs seem fine - but not sure how to judge this - they have reasonable tension on them.

Should I find a wippen that needs replacing what would I replace it with? A generic one and canabalize what parts I can from the original?

Appreciate any feedback on thoughts on the condition of the wippen.


Posted By: Ed McMorrow, RPT

Re: Wippen Rebuild Question - 01/11/15 05:14 PM

What problem are you trying to solve?
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