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Tuning a Greek Hammered Dulcimer (Santouri)

Posted By: bareynolds

Tuning a Greek Hammered Dulcimer (Santouri) - 05/09/06 10:25 PM

Has anybody out there ever tuned a Greek santouri? I'm trying to find a chart of some kind that explains how the strings should be tuned. This thing is a monster. There are 29 sets of strings. Some notes have five strings per unison, and they all pass over three bridges, so there are two individual speaking areas.
Just thought I'd ask...
Posted By: bareynolds

Re: Tuning a Greek Hammered Dulcimer (Santouri) - 05/11/06 04:16 AM

Alright! I found a tuning chart from two different sources for a santouri(just wanted to make sure). Google is a great asset!
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