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used Kawai pianos

Posted By: jonatmudd

used Kawai pianos - 09/25/07 05:52 PM

Greetings everyone-

I am writing to solicit advice on which used Kawai piano to buy. The choice has been narrowed down to two (maybe three) candidates.

The two pianos I am considering are:
Kawai UST-8A. Owner says it was new as of the mid 90's.

model 801 or 821? This piano is about 20 years old

What do you all think--which one will hold up better? My current house is not well insulated and undergoes pretty bad temperature and humidity fluctuations? What about the action? Of course playing is the only way to tell..and I will test-drive both...but I have heard that the newer Kawai's tend to have very stiff action.

Any general comments or knowledge to share about either model?
Any advice/counsel would be greatly appreciated.

Jon Erickson
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