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understanding partials

Posted By: Jim Puckett

understanding partials - 05/20/06 12:52 PM

Hello everyone! I have really been enjoying reading through all of the posts from the past several weeks! I have learned so much from you all already.

Let me introduce myself - My name is Jim and I work in church music in Ohio. I recently began training with the Randy Potter School to learn more of the technical side of taking care of the church's instruments. This is not however my first experience working with piano techs. I grew up with a family friend who was an RPT and spent many hours helping in his shop and going on calls with him.

Bottom line - I am moving pretty well through my studies and am already doing tuning and minor repairs on the church pianos and my own. I haven't quite ventured out into the tuning for pay thing just yet....

I have read with great interest the discussions on setting temperament and other tuning discussions on partials.

My question is: What is the real stuff I need to know and remember - long term - about partials? I'm not trying to dodge learning anything. I understand the theoretical discussions and I "get it" but I honestly don't "use it" like some people describe. I have been around this for awhile and using beats and intervals and unisons I seem to hear pretty well when I have it right and when I don't. When I play with the Coleman Beat locator - I "get it" and hear it - but when I am practice tuning - it just isn't a tool or process that is at the front of my list.

I want to do this right - so if I need to dig deeper into this - please point me in the right direction.

BTW - as far a ETDs and training - I am using the freeware tunelab - mainly as a confirmantion tool as I set the temperament. After that - I am trying to work aurally and then check with tunelab.

Thanks in advance for all I will learn from you all.
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