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Tune ups, who needs them!

Posted By: IrateHamster

Tune ups, who needs them! - 10/12/05 12:59 AM

I have a Baldwin Hamilton upright which hasn't been tuned (or played much) in ten years. (We bought it new ten years ago.) I've recently dedicated myself wholeheartedly to the piano for the first time, and I'm noticing that the sound is very honky-tonk and dull, and the range of dynamics is very small (I can only play loud and louder). Is that mostly due to the nature of uprights, or does my piano desperately, desperately need a tune-up? Will it need to be tuned twice after not being tuned in so long?
Posted By: asd123321

Re: Tune ups, who needs them! - 10/31/05 04:49 AM

It might sound okay for a while even if it goes down in pitch after the first tuning. I don't know how it would be dull and loud but the loudness could be the hammers have hardened and need voicing ( sticking in needles).
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