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Mapes or Roslau wire? thought I knew

Posted By: synthnut

Mapes or Roslau wire? thought I knew - 08/18/06 05:14 AM

Steinway factory uses Mapes wire, A. Reblitz reccomends Roslau wire, Everybody says it dont matter, so,,,,,,,
Recently I ran out of Mapes Gold for the low tenor, 6 unisons, gage 20 & 21 and used Old Schaff wire, Roslau I assume, about 30 years old but still wraped in plastic, I unwrapped it and used it on the low tenor, WOW! this wire is beautiful brillant chrome color, way more beautiful than Mapes gold, and the sound quality was a thousand percent better compaired to ajacent notes.The old, I guess Roslau wire was a huge improvment,
Could it be the old wire was manufactured to a higher standard? or is Roslau just that much better?
Guess I'm done with Mapes Gold unless someone can convince me otherwise, but then again, how many rebuilders have mixed their wire on a great piano to test the difference.
A piano retailer/rebuilder I once knew remarked about saving older wire, but not too old if possible, he said it sounds much better, As a rebuilder I considered this thought crazy, until now!
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