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long term humidifier?

Posted By: rocknrims

long term humidifier? - 12/22/08 04:12 AM


I just joined the forum so bare with me. I have a question regarding humidifiers.

I found and purchased a beautiful fully refurbished 7 foot Baldwin this past summer and have been loving it. Everything has been redone and replaced on it by a company here in Montreal called Montreal Piano. They do incredible work.

Anyways here is my question... I live in Montreal Canada and unfortunately as you may know the climate here is anything but mild. The winter is blisteringly cold and the summers are hot and humid. If i dont use a humidifier in the winter the humidity level in my condo is about 20-25% according to my reader. I travel for months at a time so I cant be here to refill my humidifiers every coouple of days...

Does anyone know about any humidifiers that dont need to be refilled or that dont need any maintenance? Maybe some kind central unit that is attached directly to a water line? I have central heating. Im also open to any kind of units even if they are eye sores since this will be for while Im not at home.

Ive tried some searches but am still looking for some answers. Please point me in the right direction or help me out if you have more info on this topic.


Posted By: chicagofamily1

Re: long term humidifier? - 01/03/09 03:15 PM

I have the same question (similar horrible climate). Suggestions, anyone?
Posted By: guest1013

Re: long term humidifier? - 01/03/09 03:33 PM

There are whole home humidifiers. Talk to your local heating ventilation air conditioning contractors. I have a passive system that humidifies when the gas heat runs. Talk to a local piano technician, also.
Posted By: chicagofamily1

Re: long term humidifier? - 01/03/09 11:46 PM

No, can't do that here without complete home rehab (we have radiator heat, not gas forced air). I thought I was talking to piano technicians. smile
Posted By: guest1013

Re: long term humidifier? - 01/04/09 01:16 AM

chicagofamily1, Congratulations on your decision to get your Bohemia piano. Please, rocknrims, techs, excuse me for answering here, I didn't notice the forum type when I looked through the active topics list. whome
Here was a discussion that was helpful to me. Dampp Chaser, wintertime dryness...
Also this: refilling Dampp Chaser
Posted By: piqué

Re: long term humidifier? - 02/28/09 08:50 PM

there are stand-alone room units that tap into your water line. i don't have any water lines near my piano, so i haven't looked into it very deeply.

i suggest you try finding them using google.

you don't want to leave a damppchaser alone for extended periods as it will need to be watered regularly.

also, in your climate, a damppchaser by itself, while better than nothing, is hardly adequate to the task.

the best thing is to control the climate of the room, if at all possible.
Posted By: Larry Buck

Re: long term humidifier? - 03/02/09 12:49 PM

rocknrims, if you are still looking in on this thread ...

April Air makes several models of whole house humidifiers. It is my understanding they have a model that can install in a closet.

I know several clients that have April Air units. Their pianos are very stable.

A Water line is a minor challenge.

HVAC Mechanics have the expertise. I rely on them.

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