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Forgive me, I dont know much about pianos but my daughter loves playing and she has been taking lessons for about 2 years now. We have a nice keyboard that she uses, but we really wanted to get her a "real"piano for her to play. So of course my husband and I were looking around for a used one. We found one on craigslist and the Add made this baby grand sound great. We went to look at it and everything about it sounded great, but it was out of tune. The guy said it just needed tuning. Ok, we know pianos need tuning often, so it wasnt a surprise. It was a premier baby grand, I believe from the 1930s. Anyway we did as we were told, we had it delivered to our home and let it sit for a few weeks and than a tuner came out. After about 45 minutes, she said it cant be tuned. The Pin block needs to be replaced that they are bad all across the board. This women has been tuning for 30 years and she restores pianos also. So we bought this beautiful baby grand that the guy said was in almost perfect condition for $650. I know its not much, but the piano is useless. And after spending the money to pick up and deliver and the tuner, we are in about 1200 bucks. My daughter was so upset, we felt bad. Ok, I know we probably are out the money, but my question is this guy bought this piano 4 years ago, would the pin block go bad that quick? Or do you think this piano was pretty much shot long before 4 years ago?
You could look at the possiblility of having the piano tuned to a lower frequency i.e. when you play the fourth A up from from the base it actually makes the sound of the of the standard middle C.. This takes a lot of tension off the tuning pins.
If you are interested you can read up on the internet about musical frequencies.
Depends how bad it is. But you can try ca treatment it,s cheap and won’t do any more damage. The problem is that if you change the pin block, it’s a full rebuild most of the time. I mean no one would put back the old strings. You also need at least to sand the hammers (or worse case replace them). You better do also a full regulation. All this will add up fast. I would go with CA treatment then evaluate if the piano is worth a full restauration.
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