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This you have to see

Posted By: tolovemoon

This you have to see - 04/01/06 03:26 AM

I was searching for bathroom ideas, I was wanting to find some tips to design when I renovate things near my toilet..I thought about putting my piano in the bathroom too but I have no clue how to move it..So I did a search on google and this is what I found on .. joe-ks.com
[Linked Image] [Linked Image] laugh :p smile cool April Fooling... (These photos are not mine just wanted to share since it is April 1st approaching...)I found them on this site though joe-ks.com Its good to be spring..
Posted By: Monica K.

Re: This you have to see - 04/01/06 03:43 AM

Thanks for the laugh, tolovemoon! Those are terrific. But you know, why NOT take advantage of all that sitting down time when you could be doing some scales? laugh
Posted By: tolovemoon

Re: This you have to see - 04/01/06 09:26 AM

You know now that is the best, wake up, constuctive, criticism, with honesty, come from the heart, and a real help up at saying hey if you want help, then here is what I truely think you can do to get better..Sharon I like how you speak your mind and encourage others so much with a honest blunt to the point yet compassionate sord of way..
You are so right...I could of been playing some new songs specially while the photos take so long to load up with dialup...
Its a break though, cause to much of one thing drives me crazy, got to mix it up sometimes.. though I could be so good if I just practiced more and I could really make a dream come true..
How can anyone disagree, its all so right, right? confused eek confused thumb
Posted By: allisonthepianist

Re: This you have to see - 06/17/07 10:53 PM

Posted By: hotkeys

Re: This you have to see - 06/18/07 01:09 AM

The photo says it all!

- Mark

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