Free Music for Sight Reading

Posted by: FugueAndFury

Free Music for Sight Reading - 07/22/13 02:38 PM

I'm starting a quirky little side project where I'm writing short piano pieces mostly intended for sight reading usage. The style is primarily contemporary classical, not strictly tonal; and each piece will be of varying difficulty.

I'll be posting a couple new pieces each week on my website. They're completely free to download for anyone interested. Just go to and click on the latest entry.

Obviously because of differing levels of skill, some pieces will be easier for some pianists than others, but the goal is to provide a variety to help "mix it up" in the sight reading department.

Hopefully at least a few of you will find it useful.

Posted by: Rob Mullins

Re: Free Music for Sight Reading - 10/08/13 03:23 PM

I took a look today and have to thank you for this cool side project of yours. Will work well for some of my students. Cheers!
Posted by: FugueAndFury

Re: Free Music for Sight Reading - 10/08/13 11:42 PM

Thanks! I admit I've been having a bit of fun with this odd little experiment.