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Posted By: markjpcs

Axtremus! - 01/19/05 12:06 AM

Empty your mailbox man!

I forgot that you needed the permission forms for the CD project!

I will send tomorrow.

Am I too late?


Posted By: Axtremus

Re: Axtremus! - 01/19/05 08:23 PM

Send the permission form to Frank and you should be fine. smile
Posted By: markjpcs

Re: Axtremus! - 01/20/05 03:02 AM


Posted By: KevinIQ77

Re: Axtremus! - 01/20/05 12:56 PM

Question: Does Frank provide any kind of confirmation that he received the form? I sent mine in just after the New Year, and I have not seen any e-mail message the the form' been received.

Posted By: fnork

Re: Axtremus! - 01/20/05 08:14 PM


I signed up for the CD project, but I haven't sent anything yet... The thing is that I have a concert in about a week and a half, which I'll record. I could add something really nice from that concert to the project smile If it's okay that it takes some time, of course... what do you think?
Posted By: Quidam

Re: Axtremus! - 01/24/05 01:54 PM

ummm slight problem. I wanted to post a recording over in the pianist corner, and I was having a hard time finding free web hosting for music files. Then I uploaded it here, THEN I read the submission guidelines for the CD project. (I know, bad me). I didn't intend to get involved in the CD project... given that, does someone need to delete my file off of the database, or was the file uploader intended for all PW members, not just CD project people?
Posted By: Axtremus

Re: Axtremus! - 01/25/05 02:29 PM

Kevin, I don't know... it's up to Frank.

Don't worry... you're not automatically included in the CD Project just because you uploade a file. wink

You don't have to delete it... but if you really want to delete it, you'll have to ask Frank (Piano World webmaster) for that. Only he can change/delete things uploaded to Piano World.
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