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UPDATE -- CD Content Listing

Posted By: Axtremus

UPDATE -- CD Content Listing - 02/08/05 01:43 AM

Current list of material to go into the Piano World Member's Recording Compilation CD's below. Please check if I've left anything out.

We have 3.5+ hours of music submitted. So I'm planning on making a TWO-DISC set. One AUDIO CD where every submitter will get one track, and one DATA CD with MP3 files, text files, and picture files and all the audio material (in compressed mp3 format) submitted by Project participants.

ONE asterisk "*" in front means that's the material I plan to include on the AUDIO CD. All the other stuff will go onto the DATA CD.

TWO asterisks "**" in front means your track is too long... I may have to cut some of it off so all the selected material can fit into ONE AUDIO CD. (But relax, the full track will still be made available in the DATA CD. wink )
* AngelenoJazzer_TheChristmas_Song
CCM Stephen_Chpin_Etude_Op25no6
CCM Stephen_Debussy_Images_II_Cloches...
CCM Stephen_Debussy_Images_II_Et_la_lune...
CCM Stephen_Mozart_K333_All_3_Movements
CCM Stephen_Prokofiev_Sonata#7_1st_&_2nd_Movements
*CCM Stephen_Prokofiev_Sonata#7_3rd_Movements
The project is shaping up quite nicely (though a little slow on my part :p ). We've got quite an eclectic collection -- classical from all periods, jazz, rag, pop... lots of variety!

If you haven't send Frank (the webmaster) your permission form, please do so ASAP (see THIS POST for permission form details).

Send me e-mail if you have question or comment.
Posted By: kenny

Re: UPDATE -- CD Content Listing - 02/08/05 01:59 AM

Thank you Ax for all your work.

I appreciate it. thumb
Posted By: pedagogue

Re: UPDATE -- CD Content Listing - 02/08/05 02:11 AM


I only have the piano forum linked...so I rarely ventue outside of it. smile

I poked around and didn't see anything about being able to obtain a copy of said CD once it is made. How would I go about obtaining a copy?

I appologize in advance if this was covered in another thread....I didn't see an answer when I poked around, so I thought I'd ask.

Posted By: Bernard

Re: UPDATE -- CD Content Listing - 02/08/05 02:52 AM

Thanks Ax for all this work. Are you going to forward me material for the cover & booklet for typesetting?
Posted By: jgoo

Re: UPDATE -- CD Content Listing - 02/08/05 03:06 AM

Thanks for all of your hard work Ax! Just one question: have we already met our absolute last deadline for all submitions or is there still time? I realize it says December 31, 2004 in the other thread, has that changed?

(Procrastination is my middle name laugh )
Posted By: Penny

Re: UPDATE -- CD Content Listing - 02/08/05 03:23 AM

I still don't exist, even though there is a file here at PW with my submission! frown

Posted By: EHpianist

Re: UPDATE -- CD Content Listing - 02/08/05 05:46 AM

Great, thanks, Ax! I look forward to hearing the CD!

Posted By: Axtremus

Re: UPDATE -- CD Content Listing - 02/08/05 01:37 PM


I've put you on the content list. I have an old sound file you sent me a long time ago (e-mail trail dates back to 12/1/2004). Let me know if it's OK to use that old file.

I still need Frank to cross-check the content list against the permission forms he received. After that, I'll send you the listing for type-setting. I hope this won't take too much of your time and that you'll get some fun out of it. Thanks for your help!
Posted By: Axtremus

Re: UPDATE -- CD Content Listing - 02/08/05 01:43 PM

Frank, Piano World webmaster Frank,

For you and Piano World's protection, please cross check the content list with the permission forms you have on hand -- and let me know if we should pull the entries of those laggards who haven't mail their permission forms to you... the AUDIO CD is getting too crowded anyway. :p

Posted By: Mikester

Re: UPDATE -- CD Content Listing - 02/08/05 01:58 PM

Axtremus when is the CD being compiled? I have a piece in mind but it won't be recording quality til sometime in March.
Posted By: Axtremus

Re: UPDATE -- CD Content Listing - 02/08/05 02:22 PM

Mikester, please see private message.
Posted By: CrashTest

Re: UPDATE -- CD Content Listing - 02/08/05 05:36 PM

I think I have to resubmit my permission form, and I sent it to the wrong address, but don't worry, I'll be on it!
Posted By: Axtremus

Re: UPDATE -- CD Content Listing - 02/08/05 08:41 PM

OK... according to Frank (the webmaster), we're still missing the permission forms from the following members:

Angeleno Jazzer
CCM Stephen
crashtest (yes, crashtest, I see post above)

Please get your permission forms in ASAP.

Please see THIS POST for an explanation about the permission form and a link to the permission form template.

Thanks for your cooperation.
Posted By: Bernard

Re: UPDATE -- CD Content Listing - 02/08/05 11:52 PM

...I hope this won't take too much of your time and that you'll get some fun out of it...
It'll take hours and hours eek and I'll get mucho fun out of it!! laugh laugh

Kidding aside, I don't think it'll take too long and I will have fun, you can be sure of that.
Posted By: kenny

Re: UPDATE -- CD Content Listing - 02/09/05 12:07 PM

I'm disappointed more people didn't submit.
And I think only two people submitted photos.


Come on guys.
Posted By: Stahlbrand

Re: UPDATE -- CD Content Listing - 02/11/05 09:49 AM

I have just submitted more information and a photo.
Also, I have changed my content quite a bit which I hope Axtremus won't kill me for ;-).
Posted By: 88Key_PianoPlayer

Re: UPDATE -- CD Content Listing - 02/25/05 06:44 AM

I was going to send something, but something came up - my piano / recording system was giving me problems, and I got busy with other things so was unable to submit a recording. frown maybe some other time. smile Maybe if I can get a CD done that I would like to record I could make it available to you guys... (no definite time frame yet, though... especially since I'm having a hard time finding the piano I will need to record with, considering that there are numerous occurances of C0...)
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